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Today i want to talk about L'oreals new matte foundation!  This foundation has been out for a month or so now,  and i have almost finished my first tube (with a back up waiting in my foundation draw).  I absolutely love this foundation,  its so dreamy.  Since i have had it in fact,  i have hardly worn any other foundation!

The product is £8.99 which i think is a great price from a high drugstore brand like loreal.  They have a great range of shades also! What i like about this foundation is it amazing full coverage, without looking 'cakey'.  The foundation itself has a lovely matte finish but doesn't leave your skin looking lifeless,  i would say it almost has a slight silk finish to it.  I apply this foundation with my real technics blending sponge and do not apply powder because of the matte finish there is usually no need to powder at all. 

This foundation is one of my all time favourite product,  its amazing,  it lasts all day and more importantly its not expensive!  I would recommend for all skin types including dry! 

Hello,  i am finally back!  After a very fun yet stressful start to my year,  i am finally settled into my new job.  Although i am not yet sure if i will keep to my monday, thursday and sunday posts,  i will post as often as i can,  so if you are intrested be sure to follow me on Instagram or Twitter,  i update both of them everytime i blog,  @missfixedbeauty

Okay, so today i am going to be talking about the wonderful and amazing green tea.  Now i am sure many of you have heard how grear green tea is for you,  so today i am going to list what the benefits are,  and also tell you why i drink it.

Do you suffer with bloating? ( because i sure do! ).  That is actually the reason i started drinking Green tea. Now i used to drink detox tea,  either bootox tea or slendertox tea,  and as great as they are it gets a little pricey.  I was told by a few people that green tea has the same benefits of all of these teatox's but costs less then a third of the price! So during my weekly shop i picked up some Twinnings Jasmine Green Tea at waitrose for a mere £1.50,  and that is amazing compared to slendertox for £20 right?

Firstly,  the taste is different,  but i do enjoy it.  I think its a hit and miss taste,  you will either love it or hate it.  However you can add suger,  sweetners or honey to sweeten it up!

So i have touched on how green tea is great for bloating,  but it is also great for lossing or mainting weight.  Green tea has actually been proven to increase fat burning and also boosts the metabolic rate!

As well as this the antioxidates in green tea has been proven to lower the risk of certain types of cancer ( have you grabbed yourself some green tea yet? )  The types of cancer i believe green tea lowers the risk of are,  breast cancer,  prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. Another great long term health benefit of drinking green tea is that it can protect your brain in 'old age',  meaning you are less likely to develop alzheimer or parkinsons.
Oh,  and it lowers the risk of type two diabetes

The last amazing thing green tea will do for you which will make you want to order a s*it load is that is actually improves you brain function!  Green tea can help you keep more awake,  and also makes you think better

I know this has been a different post from my usually make up and beauty posts,  but i think it is important to take care of your body,  because afterall you only have one!  Please comment if you are a green tea drinker,  and why:)

My next post will be a make-up review so look out for that,  i hope you have all had a lovely sunday.  Love sophie x
Hello everyone, I hope you have all recovered from Christmas and New year and having a wonderful time. I have been loving Taylor Swifts style lately so I am going to share some of my fav looks with you!
Taylor Swift's Blue polka dot shirtdress and green coat
Dress: Printed Mini Dress by Paul & Joe

Coat: 'The Cape Coat' by Katherine Hooker

Shoes: 'Harrow' Boots by Rag & Bone
I love this outfit, the dress is so gorgeous! Taylor if defiantly my style icon. I think Taylor goes for earthy colours during Autumn and winter, so if you are going for this look try and stick to browns, oranges and greens!
 Green toggle coat with navy beanie and black boots
Coat: Merino Woolblend Toggle Coat by Ralph Lauren

Shoes: 'Newbury' Bootie by Rag & Bone

Bag: 'Sarah' Pebbled Frame Shoulder Bag by Dolce & Gabbana
I love this coat so much. I love the fact it isn't figure hugging as well, because winter coats should be big and cosy. Again she is wearing tights teamed with ankle boots which is something I often do and love at this time of year. Although I am not much of a bag person, I am loving vintage style handbags recently, I love how simple and classy the Dolce & Gabbana bag is. So elegant
Taylor Swift's blue bag
Coat by Burberry

Peep toe heels by Miu Miu
It is no surprise to me how beautiful this Burberry trench coat is. But my god, this is one classy elegant Taylor right here. I would personally wear this look with a black bag, but this is Swift, and she knows how to add a splash of colour to her look! I adore her make-up in this photo as well
Taylor Swifts white blazer and pants at the VMAs 2012
Jacket and pants by J.Mendel
I don't know why I love this, but I just do. It isn't very Taylor because she is often in skirts and dresses. But I just love this outfit on her so much, I don't know, what do you think?
Love Sophie
Beauty Favourites of 2014!
Yes ladies and gents, the time has come to round up 2014 with a beauty post. This year has been a hectic one, but has brought me amazing things! I started Missfixedbeauty and really got a feel for this world. I'd like to thank all of you for reading my blog and hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, I hope you all have a great year in 2015 and you go for your goals!
So lets kick this off!
My two favourite foundations of the year have to be these drugstore beauties! On the left is better skin by Maybelline and on the right is Lasting Finish Nude by Rimmel. Better skin has such a lovely glowing finish and is similar to Rimmel Wake Me Up, the lightest colour is slightly darker then my skin tone but nothing a little blending doesn't sort out. And as for the Rimmel foundation, wow. This is Rimmel's latest foundation, it has a medium coverage and is perfect for pale skin! It lasts all day, but the thing I love most about this foundation is how natural and soft the finish is! These two foundations have been rocking my year
This year I have been loving Tanya Burrs lip glosses. I was never much of a fan when it came to lip glosses, but these are lovely. Tanya has brought out some amazing colours, my favourite is 'picnic in the park' (middle) I also wear 'heart skipped a beat' over the top of a red lipstick to give an amazing staple red lip!
Keeping to the lips, I have also been loving the Rimmel apocalips matte's. They are so lovely, and although matte they don't dry your lips out at all. The nude of the collection (above) is my everyday favourite
I am sure the collection concealer is on everyone's favourite list, so I'm not going to talk about this product in detail, however this is by far the greatest concealer ever!
Barry M's brow kit has been keeping my brows on point. It looks very messy I know! But since I brought it I have used it everyday, I have also used the brush that came with it too!
These 3 have been my favourite lip liners. The middle is from Essence and is a great dupe of the MAC lip liner saw which is what Kylie Jenner uses. The other two are from Maybelline. So as you may have guessed I am a little obsessed with the 'Kylie Jenner' lips, I use these to give myself the perfect k.j lip!
As I am sure you all have too, I have be loving the new brand Make Up Revolution! These are two pallets I have been loving the most. On the left is Iconic 3 and right is ( actually I am not sure! )
These palettes are great quality and I love them so much!
And finally is this Maybelline mascara!  I brought this due to Essie Button, and I fell in love straight away.
Thank you for reading, love from sophie x

Blissful Mistful Zoella Beauty's fragranced body mist
Hello everyone! I'm back, and kicking of with the product I was most excited to try from the Zoella Beauty range!
This is one of the wonderful gifts I received of my boyfriend for Christmas, and I am very happy with it. I have been waiting so long to try the range but have never gotten round to buying it. The range is made up of this body mist, bath fizzes, bubble bath/ shower gel, body lotion, make-up bags and a candle. They are all available at Superdrug UK and I believe you can also order online!
Firstly as I am sure you have noticed Zoe has packaged her products beautifully. The theme is rose gold and gold, its all very elegant and girly and something to show off. I love the packaging of this body mist, its a perfect size for my hand bag as well which is great. The smell is also wonderful, its very floral and girly, perfect for a day at work or a night out. Although if you don't like sweet smells I wouldn't advice trying this, because it has a strong sweet smell, which for me is perfect. Have any of you tried this or any of the range, I'd love to know what you think in the comments!

Hello,  so i got this product called zap zap zap in this months Glossy Box.  This is something i had never heard of before and believe it is only sold on ASOS!  So i was very interested in trying it.  Now this product is an acne fighting product and i have only been using it for a couple of days,  so this is mostly a first impressions!

Personally i think this is quit a handy product,  its perfect for travelling because its so compact and handy.  And you also get a day and night treatment.  The product itself is almost gel like and works well with my skin,  it doesn't have a harsh smell and most importantly its clear,  because the last think you want is a tinted day acne treatment right? 

The day treatment is mostly made up of butylene glycol,  witch hazel and tea tree,  and the night treatment is mostly made up of witch hazel,  cyclomethicone and isohexadecane.  All of these are great for acne prone skin,  witch hazel and tea tree is used is so many acne products. If you would like a more in depth review on this once i have tried it for a little longer,  let me know in the comments!

Love Sophie x

Hello! Today I am talking about the L'Oreal Paris Cleansing milk. I have been waiting to talk about this because out of all the cleansing milks I have ever tried, I personally would say this is the best! I have acne prone skin and often suffer with oily skin, since I have been removing my make-up everyday with this my skin has actually cleared up!
The product is around the £4 to £5 mark and is available in all drugstores ( so I believe! ) I would say the price is defiantly reasonable as this is one of those great products that lasts because a little goes a long way
The packaging is simple, but I do prefer it to other cleaning milk packaging's. Its easy to clean and doesn't get clogged up, which is always a bonus right? So the product itself? Well usually with most cleaning milks it takes me 3 or 4 times to get my make-up completely off, but this only takes one or two at most to completely wipe it all away. It rubs make-up away like magic, and defiantly saves a lot of time in my skin care routine. I often apply this to my face and massage it in for a minute or two and then wipe away with cotton pads, I find that this is the best way to use most cleaning milks
The product claims to help improve impurities and also reveals hydrated and 'silky smooth' skin, and so far it has done exactly what it says on the tin! I haven't had any problems with the and have found if anything it has improved my skin! I would recommend this to all skin types!
Love Sophie

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